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At Northshore Tree Experts Inc., we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled arboriculture services in Simcoe County. Our commitment to honest work and quality care stands tall, just like the trees we cherish.

Who We Are

Northshore Tree Experts Inc. is a fully-insured, ISA certified, family-owned business working to provide the best arboriculture services in Simcoe County. Our foundation is simple - honest work, and quality care. Specializing in tree pruning, tree removal, and emergency tree services, we are committed to providing only the best - just ask our clients!


Elevate Your Landscape


Tree Care

Preserve the legacy of your landscape with meticulous tree care—where each trim and prune enhance the vitality, beauty, and story of your cherished heritage.

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Tree Cabling

Stabilize and safeguard your trees with our Tree Cabling service, ensuring longevity and natural beauty without compromise.

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Tree Planting

Grow your story with every tree. Our Tree Planting services turn saplings into symbols of a thriving future, fostering sustainable tree growth and a commitment to environmental tree care.

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Stump Grinding

Revitalize your landscape with our comprehensive stump grinding service, meticulously removing remnants to leave your outdoor space safe, beautiful, and perfectly prepped for new growth.

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Tree Removal

Expert Tree Removal services ensure your property is left neat and safe, with our certified arborists dedicated to top-quality work and the highest cleanup standards.

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Arborist Report

Get your project off the ground with confidence—our arborist reports by certified ISA professionals are the cornerstone for responsible tree management in Simcoe County.

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Rooted Reviews

You had the best pricing that I have seen, but I would likely have booked you anyways because you and your wife seem so wonderful, and the tree program is just an amazing thing to me as well.


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