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Deep roots grow a legacy.

Northshore Tree Experts’ slogan is “Deep roots grow a legacy”, because we started this tree service with a deep understanding of the importance of faith, family, and protecting our natural environment. This is not just a way for us to realize the “Canadian Dream”, this business is an extension of our lives, which demands that it be guided with intentionality and purpose. And while our industry is known predominantly for the removal of trees, one of our purposes requires that we change that perspective through our business directives as a matter of conscience. For that reason, in our 2020 season we decided to debut the Free Tree Project pilot program. Since then, the project has evolved into semi-annual tree plantings at local schools in Simcoe County, and providing seedlings to each and every client - not only to add to our urban canopy, but also to impart a love of trees to future generations. 

Tree Plantings

What started out as a way to give back to our clients became a way to give back to our city, and to teach the next generation to be tree nerds just like us! So far we've planted trees at:​​

  • Oakley Park Public School

  • Codrington Public School

  • Cundles Heights Public School

  • Steel St. Public School

  • ..and many more to come!

Ready to grow with us?

 This year's batch of seedlings is all set to green up our community!


Seedling Instructions

Frozen Ground – keep in freezer/cold cellar in plastic bag to keep from drying out until planting (do not seal the bag). 

We do not recommend potting during the Winter months but if it is your only option, please see our “Potting Tips”

Outdoor Planting Instructions

➢ Plant 2+ meters from any building in full sunlight

➢ remove any surface vegetation to a depth of 5 cm.

➢ Dig a hole 30 cm x 30 cm and about 20 cm deep.

➢ Break the soil into a fine condition and put most of this loose soil back into

the hole.

➢ Make a small hole in the center of the soil  deep enough to contain the seedling plug

➢ Remove the ribbon and plastic bag from the seedling.

➢ Dip the seedling in water for 1 minute before placing it in the hole.

➢ Hold the seedling in an upright position and with your hand firm the soil

around and over the plug and covering the plug with about 1 cm of soil.

➢ Firm the soil (but do not pack) around the seedling that you have just


➢ If available, put 2 cm of mulch over the entire area that you prepared for


➢ Water your seedling at least weekly until it is well established.


Potting Tips

➢ Potted evergreens should always be set outside, and to the north side of your house or garage

and allow the pot to get snowed in. Avoid putting the pot directly under a

drip-edge or other location where an icefall could cause damage.

➢ Use a pot at least 10-16 inches deep

➢ Desiccation [freeze drying] is also a concern: keep the pot damp until frost sets in, and spread mulch or

woodchips as an added moisture retainer. 

Let's Nurture Nature Together

Ready to enhance the beauty and safety of your outdoor space with our certified arborist team in Simcoe County? Let's start a conversation about how we can help. Because every tree we care for is a step towards a more beautiful, sustainable future.

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