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Deep roots grow a legacy.

Your trees are more than just part of your property; they're a legacy you're growing every day. Whether you're looking to preserve the health of a cherished tree, need to safely remove a hazard, or require expert guidance through arborist reports, Northshore Tree Experts is here to ensure your green legacy thrives.



At Northshore Tree Experts, we understand that trees are more than just a part of the landscape; they're the silent witnesses to life's precious moments. A healthy tree does wonders for the environment and your finances, as it prevents the costly troubles that come with neglect. In Simcoe County, we know that trees are often cherished family members, providing shade for your children and a backdrop for your morning routine. They're living memorials of love and milestones. That's why we offer unparalleled tree care services, specializing in trimming and pruning to ensure your trees continue to thrive as an integral part of your home and heart.


Each tree we plant is a promise to the future—a commitment to beauty, sustainability, and the creation of lasting memories. With every sapling that takes root, we're not just planting trees; we're sowing the seeds of a greener tomorrow. Our expert team ensures that every tree is a natural extension of your personal story and the legacy you want to leave behind. Let's cultivate a living tribute that will flourish for years to come, with sustainable tree growth and environmental tree care at the heart of our mission.



When you’re looking for top-quality work in Simcoe County, Northshore Tree Experts is here to help. Our certified arborists are available to provide safe tree removal, with the highest cleanup standards around, ensuring that your property remains neat and safe throughout the process.


At Northshore, we love being able to save a tree rather than remove it! Because of this, we offer tree cabling to stabilize an established tree growing in a manner that is not sustainable if left uncorrected. This service is essential for maintaining the health and safety of your cherished trees, preventing potential hazards while preserving their natural beauty.

Tree braced with cable


We pride ourselves on having the best site cleanup standards around, so to complete your tree removal we offer stump grinding, allowing us to leave your yard looking beautiful! This essential service ensures that after a tree is removed, the remnants don't detract from your landscape's aesthetics or become a safety hazard in your outdoor space.


With many cities and townships in Simcoe County now requiring arborist reports for permit applications, we're happy to assist you in getting started on your project with an arborist report from a certified ISA arborist. Whether you're planning construction, landscaping, or any activity that impacts the trees on your property, our expert reports provide the necessary documentation to proceed with confidence.


Choosing Northshore means choosing a partner who is deeply invested in your satisfaction and the well-being of your trees. We invite you to experience the Northshore difference for yourself. Deep roots grow a legacy, and we're here to help you cultivate yours.

Let's Nurture Nature Together

Ready to enhance the beauty and safety of your outdoor space with our certified arborist team in Simcoe County? Let's start a conversation about how we can help. Because every tree we care for is a step towards a more beautiful, sustainable future.

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