Deep roots grow a legacy.


Owner/Operator, ISA Certified Arborist

Johnny graduated from the Georgian College Pre-Service Firefighting Program in 2010 and spent the next 8 years looking for the right opportunity. Now an ISA certified arborist, he has impressed his previous employers, teachers, and clients with his work ethic and honesty. 


Johnny has always been the kind of guy who spent most of his free time thinking about work, and that's why he is so excited about Northshore. It's a chance for him to build something of his own. For him, that means treating this as an extension of his family - allowing him to provide for them but also making sure his teammates can provide for theirs as well; caring for his clients like family, not just customers; and modelling the 

character he hopes to see in his children by conducting business with integrity. Because if you're going to spend half your life at your job, why waste it doing "just a job"? Johnny and the rest of the Northshore team are fully committed to intentionally investing their time wisely, and because we want to make the most of our time, you can trust that we won't waste yours.


Office Administrator

Jessica graduated from Georgian College's Business Accounting program in 2011. Now with a young family and a new business, she is excited to team up with her husband to make something of their own. Jess brings some pretty big skills to the table, including writing most of Johnny's emails for him and leaving awkward voicemails for clients because answering machines make her nervous. 

Other than managing all things administrative, Jess occasionally updates the this site and does her best not to loathe it. So thanks to all of you who have complimented the website! It truly does make her day knowing her frustrated efforts were not all for nothing!


Jr. Arborist

Carl graduated from nursing school at Seneca college in 2016 and obtained his RPN license. As a nurse, Carl showed compassion and high quality care to his clients, but he always found himself looking outside wishing he could work outdoors instead. After many life chats  with his wife, Carl mentioned his old dream of becoming an arborist. One big career change later, Carl graduated from the Fleming College Arboriculture Program in 2019. Now he finally gets to work outside again just as he longed to do, and sometimes refers to himself as a “tree nurse”.

Carl is married to Cait, who is also a nurse (RN). They were friends in high school and reunited in university/college. They now have their first child together, Deacon. As a real family man, Carl strives to work hard for clients at Northshore, just the same as he would for his own family. 



Arborist & Lead Climber

James graduated from Humber College’s Arborist Apprentice Program in 2009, and has a passion for tree care. With over a decade of experience, James is a welcome addition to the Northshore team! Truly enjoying and appreciating his career, James can be seen on site working hard with a smile. Hockey, baseball, or football - feel free to chat about sports as he is a big fan. After work, you can catch James on the ball field or taking his Boston Terrier out for a walk.


James and his  fiancé Pina have been together for a few years and are looking forward to growing their roots in Barrie. 


Jr. Arborist

Mike recently graduated from the Urban Arboriculture program at Humber College and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Guelph. After 13 years working at a desk, he is really looking forward to making the move outdoors. Mike and his partner Meredith have been together for nine years. They have a two year old daughter named Ruby and a Ridgeback named Stevie. In his spare time, Mike spends a lot of time on the trails. He enjoys family hikes, camping, and mountain biking. Just being active and outside is his natural habitat.   

Northshore Tree Experts Inc. is committed to providing services to the public and providing an inclusive work environment for its employees where everyone is treated with dignity, independence, integration, and equal opportunity. Northshore Tree Experts Inc. strives to meet the needs of its employees and customers with disabilities. We are committed to fulfilling our requirements under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act.