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Deep roots grow a legacy.

Northshore Tree Experts began in 2018 because we needed to start it. Johnny had always wanted to make things better no matter where he worked, so it just made sense - if you’re going to think about what needs to be fixed day and night, make something for yourself! And after years of wishing we could make the changes we thought mattered most, we knew exactly what a successful venture would need: honesty, appreciation for our clients and employees, and a purpose. Because of that, we decided early on that the pillars of our business would be honest work and quality care, driven by our purpose as Christians to honour God in all that we do.

Honest work means that we might not end up being the biggest company out there, but we will be the most highly recommended. We quote fairly for both our clients and our employees, and we work hard. Honest work means we are open with our employees, and we give our clients our professional opinion, even if that means recommending that they don’t need our services at all. It means that we strive for a level of integrity that permeates not just our business but our personal lives as well.

Quality care means we provide the best services with the greatest attention to detail to take care of our customers. It also means that we ensure our employees meet our high standards. As part of our team, we expect them to care for our clients and their work just like we do, and in return we do our best to show them they are valued and appreciated. 

At the end of the day, this is more than a means to an end for us - our reputation matters. Not just for the success of our business, but to build a legacy our children can be proud of, and maybe one day be a part of. This is Northshore Tree Experts, and this is the beginning of our legacy. 

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