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A love gone wrong

heart in trunk of tree

One trend we have noticed in our first season is this - most people love their trees (including us!). But love can make you do crazy things. Like delaying the removal a dying tree so you can “get the most out of it”. This has been especially true for our region with the huge number of dying ash trees. And while we know it can be hard to move on, there are 2 major reasons that sometimes it’s best to just cut your losses (literally).

1). Your safety. This is the most obvious. The longer a dying tree is left to decay, the more of a safety risk it poses to anything around it - your house, car, pool, deck, children, and other trees. Or your neighbour’s.

2). Your wallet. While on our door-hanger-delivery walks, we’ve noticed some pretty dead trees around the city, and one question that’s painfully obvious to us being in the tree service business is: how in the heck do they think they’re going to get rid of that?? Depending on the severity of the decay and the location, it could be unsafe to climb, unable to be felled, and unreachable with your standard equipment, which means a few years of “hanging on” can multiply the cost of removal. A simple climbing job can easily turn into a crane-truck job under the right conditions ($$$).

All that being said, we love trees too. So if you’re looking for a honest opinion, give us a call! We provide free estimates, and while our first priority is always meeting your needs, we also balance that with a healthy dose of tree love - we’d rather save them then cut them down, and in many cases there are lots of options available to do just that.

So to all those tree huggers out there - have a great day!

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