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Our Next Chapter: The Free Tree Project

If you follow us online you'll have already heard about our new initiative the Free Tree Project. To be completely honest, Johnny and I have been sitting on this idea for over a year now, just waiting for the right time to launch it. Yes, we could have waited longer, waited till we were more established, but at the end of the day we love trees, and we are so excited about this pilot program that we decided it was worth the risk (Side note: I know people say they are "So excited about their new blah blah blah" for their business all the time, but before having a business that phrase honestly made me livid cause it sounded so fake. Sorry guys, I get it now!)

We call it a pilot program because that's exactly what it is - a test. We hope you all love it and we hope you can be patient with us as this added expense will slow the growth of our business - that means more time before we can save up for bigger equipment and luxuries many of those in our field have, because we agreed this needs to come off our bottom line and not be added to our client's bill.

But what we really want you to know is that for us, this business is not just a way to realize the “Canadian Dream”, this business is an extension of our lives, which demands that it be guided with intentionality and purpose. And while our industry is known predominantly for the removal of trees, one of our purposes requires that we change that perspective through our business directives as a matter of conscience. For that reason, in our 2020 season we decided to debut the free tree project pilot program, providing one free tree for every property where we remove one. We hope you love it just as much as we do!

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Nov 26, 2020

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