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Meet Johnny

He's gonna assume I've saved the best for last so let's just go along with it, okay?

This is Johnny! He's my husband, and the main man behind all that Northshore is. In any job he's ever had, Johnny has not been able to stop thinking about how to make things better, so I'm quite happy that he'll have the opportunity to stop wasting all that time and energy and finally just DO it! And I hope that when you choose us, all the thought and care he's put into this company and helping you comes across.

Other than living and breathing trees (cough *tree nerd* cough), I would say Johnny divides his limited alone time equally between following hockey and politics. I'm still not sure why. As a father, he likes to watch his kids experience new things and loves when they get excited about the things he's doing. He's encouraged them by starting a leaf book with our daughter, and getting a helmet for one of our sons so he can "help" daddy. As a husband, Johnny is the most devoted and loyal partner you could find. He's also quite stubborn, which is obviously annoying at times, but it also means he has to be thoroughly convinced before doing something, which quite often supports his integrity; if there's no merit in it, he probably won't be persuaded. Needless to say, I'm a big fan.

Fun Facts About Johnny

Favourite Author: Francis Chan

Favourite Trip (Thus Far): British Columbia

Bucket List: Visit Israel (+Italy and Greece for Jess)

Flaw: Cell phone addict

Favourite Sport: Hockey

Most Exciting "Childhood" Moment: Winning the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award. It helped me pay for my firefighter training, which gave me my first taste of "real" climbing when I completed the high angle rescue technician course.

Favourite Christmas: When Jess and I ran a toy drive for RVH. I always wanted to do something like that because I was in the hospital so much as a kid. It was just really special. I don't know how else to describe it.

Most Embarrassing Moment: That dang CVOR test. I'm a good driver - no, no...a GREAT driver! But I suck at tests. I took that test four times before I gave up and had Jess go write it.

What I Love About Northshore: Oh man, everything! But I guess to me, sharing what I get to do with my family and customers - what I've learned, what I'm passionate about and interested in - that's awesome. Jess calls me a tree nerd and I guess that's true. But if I had to narrow it down to one thing....the truck.

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