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Meet Jess

We decided it was a good idea to let you know a little about ourselves, and since I write this thing, I'll start with the MVP: me.

I'm Jess! I'm Johnny's [wonderful] wife, mother of our 4 kids, and now business partner. While I won't be the one climbing your trees, you may see me lugging brush every now and then since I'd rather be outside than in (when the weather's nice of course). I'll also be in charge of the office, so it's my job to show you what makes Northshore different from the moment you call in. I'm really looking forward to bringing up our "business baby", and I want to thank you all so much for your support so far!

Fun Facts About Jess:

Favourite Food: All. Of. It.

Dream Job: Wedding dress model

Favourite Sport: Rowing, volleyball

Flaw (Johnny's pick): Not a morning person

First Job: Bible Camp maintenance crew! I was originally a kitchen girl, but I hated it so much I cried to the head kitchen girl who just happened to be my big sister. I think there may have been some strings pulled.

Perfect Day: At the beach, or the sauna and lake. Preferably with a book and a pina colada.

Most Embarrassing Moment: Getting our 1999 Honda Civic hatchback stuck in the mud down an ATV trail, trying unsuccessfully to pull off a miracle by attempting to use crushed cookies for traction, knocking on the door of the nearest house in the pouring rain and being ignored like the plague, having to hitchhike into town with a man who's thinly-veiled contempt for my muddy shoes in his minivan made the ride quite uncomfortable, and then having my sister tell the story to everyone on our wedding day.

What I Love About Northshore: Getting to watch my husband be so excited about his work!

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