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Meet Cody

I thought it would be best if Cody's wife Cassandra wrote his portion of the series. She's an excellent writer so if you have the time, check her out at Here To Homestead!


Here we are at the second instalment of the “get to know them” series and we are introducing Cody Wells. It was once believed that this dude was THE man’s man, having had four sons in as many years everyone questioned his ability to bring forth a young lady.

Rumours aside, this January 18th, Cody and his family welcomed their fifth bundle of joy, a beautiful little girl, and now we know this dad’s life is a little more complete.

So, besides his superhuman ability to grow a large family with his wife in a record low number of years … let's get to know Cody.

Fun Facts about Cody

Favourite Food: Cheeseburgers and onion rings

Favourite Hobby: Retro video games and introducing the classics to his sons

Favourite Video Game: The Legends of Zelda series (although picking any ONE game is near impossible when you consider the various systems, genres etc.)

Dream Job: Board Game Designer

Random Fact: Cody could live off peanut butter sandwiches. Literally, for the last four and a half years, every work lunch consisted of AT LEAST two peanut butter sandwiches where the PB to bread ratio was 1:1, as much goopy peanut butter as bread.

What He Loves About Northshore: Building a business with integrity and solid family values, something that his son’s would be proud to build when it’s their time. Not to mention working with his best friend - perks of the job.

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