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Hello my name is: Northshore

Welcome to Northshore Tree Experts! Johnny and I are excited about this new adventure, and to share in our excitement, we wanted to give you some basic information about us and our business.

1. We are about family.

We've got 4 kids, and Johnny's right-hand-man's got #5 on the way for his tribe, so family is our life, and this business is just an extension of that. And that's great news for our customers, because when you're trying to raise little monsters into gracious people, you've got to set a good example across the board. We can't expect them to have integrity if we don't.

2. We love local.

We love to shop local when we can, and support our fellow business owners in the Barrie area. We're close to the downtown core so that means we have easy access to a lot of great resources, and having an older home means we've dealt with lots of small businesses that provide great services. From bakers to plumbers - we salute you!

3. We love trees.

Almost goes without saying, but we are green people. There's progress to be made for sure, but little by little we're doing what we can to protect this beautiful country we're blessed to live in. And that starts at home! Composting, buying organic, KEEPING OUR TREES HEALTHY *hint hint*, buying less plastic...all these little things add up!

So that's us - the family-centred, local, tree-hugging arboriculture business! Not the greatest slogan, so we've wrapped it up with this:

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