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A Green Valentine's

I don't know about you, but Valentine's Day is kind of a half-holiday in our house. Yes, we recognize it, but we don't really do anything for it. The kids send cards to school, and Johnny usually buys them a small treat, but other than that, it's just like any other day. But for those of you who really do celebrate, whether you're enjoying the excitement of a new relationship, or you're just some weirdo who loves love, here's some green gift ideas for that special someone.

1. An Indoor Herb Garden

An excellent way to grow your own fresh herbs even during the long Canadian winter. This plastic-free beauty can be found on Amazon for $140.67.

2. Indoor Plants

Not only do these add some much-needed green to your home when all seems grey, many of the easiest plants to keep alive indoors have added health benefits. Whether it's a snake or spider plant to clean your air, or an aloe vera plant to absorb UV radiation, one of these little guys could be the perfect gift for your sweetheart.

3. Locally-Crafted Jewelry

Add a conscious-consumer spin to the most traditional Valentine's Day gift! In the Barrie area, we have many talented jewellers who make great things, like this necklace from Dawning Collective ($30). And with an added bonus, many create their unique works of art using ethically-sourced materials.

4. Ethically-Made Clothing

There's lots of new players on the scene in this area. So whether you're looking for recycled fabrics like this dress from Preloved, or want to check out all kinds of brands on sites like ARC Apparel, there are so many options available. Personally, Johnny and I are big fans of 10 Tree, who not only support ethical manufacturing, but plant 10 trees for every item sold! (You can also buy these locally in Barrie from Sojourns.)

5. Something beautiful.

We are surrounded by so many talented artisans, and it's easier than ever to hunt them down, whether through Facebook, Kijiji, or a traditional craft show. While it's not a super romantic gift, Johnny has been drooling over the clocks from Generational Design Works for a while now. Still, whether its bath bombs, ponytail touques, custom artwork, or something in between, there's just something about a hand-made gift that says "I love you" (even if it's not made with your hands).

6. Something big.

Donate in your sweetheart's name to something bigger than the both of you! The Ocean Cleanup is a great example, but there are also lots of other options out there! (Note: There are many places that sell a "piece of the Amazon" in order to protect the rainforest. For many reasons that you can quickly Google, we would highly discourage this.)

7. A romantic dinner (breakfast or lunch too!)

Break away from the traditional chain restaurants and enjoy far superior taste at any of your locally-owned establishments. There's so many in Barrie alone to choose from! Our favourite right now is Homestead Artisan Bakery & Cafe - traditional sourdough bread, sweet treats, salads, sandwiches, and beverages, all made with local and organic ingredients.

So there you have it! Seven great gift ideas so you don't come home with a stuffed bear, over-priced roses, and chocolate (we're still enjoying the stuff from Christmas anyway)!

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