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Long before Johnny became an arborist, the verse we cited on our wedding invitation said: "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." (James 1:17).

Because we believe that everything we have has been given to us by God, and because it is our desire to teach our children by our example how to be "cheerful givers", Northshore Tree Experts will donate a percentage of our sales to charitable organizations that touch our hearts. This is not just a tree service to us - this is our legacy.

family photo of owners
RVH logo and photos of the owner's family in the NICU

March 2023

RVH is our local hospital that continues to gain sentimental value for our family. It's where Malachi was born, it's where Tyson has had numerous appointments and fabulous specialists support him, and it's where Maxwell spent 7 weeks in the NICU after being transferred from Mount Sinai. Currently, they are raising funds specifically for the NICU expansion. We are so very thankful for the care our son received there, but we know that this unit could benefit from some more room to maneuver in, as well as some privacy for parents during a very trying and emotional time of their lives. At the time of writing, they are currently running a 50/50 draw, so it's an excellent time to consider supporting them in reaching their goal! 

If you'd like to learn more or to help support RVH Auxiliary click the image above to visit their website.

April 2023

The Friendship Circle is fairly new to us. We recently found out about them when we learned of the Great Bike Giveaway and entered our son Tyson into the contest (we're still fundraising for his bike so feel free to head to if you'd liket o help!). They do such a fabulous job to make sure they give out as many bikes as possible, that's what we found in particular to be so great - that they've really thought through how to give the most joy overall. More broadly, the Friendship Circle creates friendship in the lives of individuals with special needs and those facing isolation while providing an opportunity to become a contributing member of the community. Through their programming, Friendship Circle aims to promote an inclusive community that values all individuals regardless of the challenges they face.

Friendship circle logo

If you'd like to learn more or to help support Friendship Circle click the image above to visit their website.

May 2023

flowers in a stone vase that says "In loving memory"

This is the first time we've donated towards a cause that brings us no joy. When we heard the news of an accident in the industry so close to home, we immediately worried about who it was. Although we didn't know Ryan personally, we do know his wife, who to us was Mrs. Reesor as she was one of our high school teachers. And we can't imagine such a vibrant, caring woman settling for anyone less than just as kind as herself. Our thoughts are on this young family and as a family we will be praying for them in the coming weeks - and we ask that would you join us. 

To help support the family, please donate through their Go Fund Me page. 

June & July & October 2023

Starlight will always be a charity we choose to support - they've been an amazing blessing to our family. In fact we have the unique experience of being a multi-generational Starlight family, since Johnny was a Starlight kid himself. In 2020 they granted Tyson a "Wish of a Lifetime", and sent all of us on a family trip to Give Kids the World Village in Florida, where we had the best trip of our lives making memories. I can't describe how incredible it was, nor thank God enough for his timing (had we gone one week later, our trip would have been cancelled halfway through due to Covid-19). And this year we were able to attend the Starlight Gala and donate a wish to another family just like ours, along with another donation.


If you'd like to learn more or to help support the Starlight Children's Foundation click the image above to visit their website.

August 2023

This month, we decided to do something a little different and just give to someone we know personally who is in need. Obviously we can't be more specific, but I'm sure most of us have someone in our lives that could use some sort of support - so consider helping out a friend this month! Whether that be with your money, time, or other resources!

September 2023

This month, we invited friends, familiy, clients, and strangers to come enjoy a free showing of the film Sound of Freedom, which features the story of the founder of Operation Underground Railroad, an organization dedicated to ending child trafficking. After seeing the film, we invited our guests to donate to the organization, along with Safe Families Barrie-Orillia, and feeling compelled to do likewise, decided to make them our charities of choice for the month. We can hardly think of a cause more vital, or anything more horrific, and we hope and pray one day this organization will simply no longer be needed as they fulfill their purpose.

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